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Waldrop PacSeat


Note on the recent price increase: The drastic increase in material costs and high demand for the PacSeat has required us to raise the price of the seat.




Moving forward, The Waldrop PacSeat will be available for $225, instead of $320, for the foreseeable future. We’re happy to announce that we’ve been able to acquire our materials in bulk which has dramatically lowered our cost to build the PacSeat. In turn, we are passing those savings on to, you, our valued customers. Thank you for your business and we look forward to serving you in the future.

The PacSeat is completely hand-made in our shop in Columbus, GA, and is a very labor-intensive process. Couple that with the high demand for the seat, and maybe you’ll understand just how important it is that you place an order well before you intend to use the seat. So, get your order in soon!

We offer a lifetime guarantee on all parts and workmanship (except for paint) and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 4.8 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 38 in
Weight Capacity

400 lbs

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12 reviews for Waldrop PacSeat

  1. Chris Hancock

    “Hey David, this is Chris Hancock. Wanted to touch base with you about my first kill on my PacSeat. Haven’t had much chance to go but finally hunted on it, Thanksgiving Eve. Literally sat in the edge of the cotton field with my rifle and shot a 138 lb doe at 20 yds! Should have been my bow!”

    Chris Hancock
  2. Pete Aquauno

    I just wanted to give a shout out to Dave Waldrop the maker of the Waldrop Pac Seat. First off, IMHO the Pac Seat is one of the best hunting seats made today. The craftsmanship and attention to detail is of the highest quality bar none. I recently had a question regarding a seat I bought over 5 years ago. I sent a message through the WPS website and I got a call back from Dave himself within 15 minutes of posting my question. He helped address my question and issue beyond all expectations.

    If you are looking for a top-notch hunting seat you should most definitely check out the Waldrop Pac Seat. It’s the most comfortable and versatile seat I have ever owned. In my 40+ years of hunting, it’s one of the best pieces of gear that I’ve purchased. If you’re in the market for a new seat I highly recommend you check it out, boys. Made in the USA. Great product, Great customer service. Great guy. You can’t go wrong.

    Pete Aquauno
  3. Ronald D Piontkowski

    Best hunting seat out there.Comfortable and versatile.Well worth the money.

    Ronald D Piontkowski
  4. Steve Westgate

    High quality and well designed for all different hunting situations. Most importantly for me is its comfort and light weight. I rigged mine up with the backpack straps and waistbelt style fanny pack for added comfort and can shoot my recurve comfortably while carrying the seat on my back or sitting in it. Great handcrafted, made in the USA productthat I highly recommend. Happy hunting

    Steve Westgate
  5. Micah Williams

    I’ve never been more pleased with a hunting product! The waldrop pac seat is exactly what I was wanting. The seat function has helped me get in close to the deer and shoot 3 doe the first week of bow season here in Mississippi. As comfortable and versatile the seat function is, the pack frame function should not be overlooked. The pack frame function adds significant value to the pac seat and in my opinion more than justifies the price. As a hardcore hunter that demands quality hunting gear, this is one of the first times I have been totally pleased with a product! Hunting from ground is my go to tactic for early season bowhunting and the waldrop pac seat has helped me take my ground hunting skills to a new level this year. Highly recommend!!!!!!

    Micah Williams
  6. Roger B. Hook

    Been hunting off the PacSeat several years now and enjoy the diversity of bow hunting from the ground. Was concerned early on that I would get spotted easily but that has not been the case. I also use my seat as an archery chair for 3d tournaments. The lightness of the seat, not to mention the comfort, has worked extremely well for me. Heck, we even use it to sit around a campfire. Grateful to David for the design. Can’t go wrong with this product because of the many uses.

    Roger B. Hook
  7. Todd Mendenhall

    I hunted exclusively with the Waldrop Pacseat that I got last year all season. I have ground hunted for many years and tried a great many seats commercial and homemade. I found the seat everything that everyone has been raving about with it. You just can not beat the flexibility, comfort, and lightweight. Here is a great example of how this seat lent itself to my first of many harvest this year. I was hunting with the seat leaning against a tree, I noticed the deer was moving through a CRP field. After seeing a few move through, I moved around and got off a trail in the CRP field and set the seat up. As I sat very comfortably for 20 more minutes a nice Doe was browsing by at 12 yards, she ended up in the freezer. I do not know of many seats that can do this. I have sat all RUT long day with the only issue is falling asleep. You will not be disappointed.

    Todd Mendenhall
  8. Sean P.

    Hello David and Tim (customer support) – I have been using the standard pacseat to hunt multiple species (deer, turkey and waterfowl), sitting around campfires and enjoying driveway beers here in PA for the last 2 seasons. I am so impressed with how comfortable and feature rich this design is, that I have just purchased the turkey pacseat as well as the NEWLY DESIGNED pacseat. While speaking with Tim on the phone, I was told the newly designed standard height pacseat has yet another feature that allows the seat to be folded back through/under the back rest to create a meat hauling shelf while wearing the seat in backpack mode. THIS was a game changer for me, so I just had to order the new design model on the spot. Thank you guys for making an American Made product and for the wonderful customer service! In my opinion, this business gets a A+

    Sean P.
  9. Randall Snowden (verified owner)

    Awesome light and pack able chair. I will even use this for nailing gray squirrels prior to whitetail season. I believe this will up my ground hunting success in the colder weather as I will be more comfortable and moving less. Thanks for a Great Product.

    Randall Snowden
  10. Dennis A Adelmeyer (verified owner)

    Saw the review of this on Traditional Bowhunter and knew I had to have it. It is beyond what I hoped it would be. Design and use options are perfect. I am finally done looking for a better ground hunting option because I know I won’t find one. A lot of thought put into the design and excellent quality. Perfect. I have already named mine Van Winkle. So comfortable that I am afraid I will wake up 20 years later. And I never nap on the hunt.

    Dennis A Adelmeyer
  11. Christopher (verified owner)

    WOW !!! The best seat for ground hunting an I’ve been threw a lot of seats it’s easy on the back an knees. Light weight an simple , if your a guy wanting to ground hunt do yourself a huge favor an buy one , you won’t be disappointed!!

  12. Sam (verified owner)

    This is the greatest hunting chair ever. It is super light, and you can strap your bag to the outside of it to get it into the woods. It leans against any tree, and is like sitting in your own little miniature hammock. If you don’t have one and hunt from the ground, get it and it will change your life.

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